Roll-up fire curtain

General Details

Technical specifications

Fire curtains are divided into two types: Accordion and Roll-up

Roll-up curtains are used in places which curtain is linear and there is no curvature in width of curtain.

Accordion curtains are used in places which curtain is curved or customer request to cover environment that has different edges for example space around escalator. In this type, curtain is pull up by the wire towing and fabric fold rather than rolling.


The most common fabric for fire curtain is fiber glass which is reinforced by steel wire and also these fabrics are covered by aluminum or silicone coating.

Type of fire curtains according to type and fire rate:

Fire curtains are 3 types E, EW and EI.

  • Type E prevents passing the flame and heat pass through it.
  • Type EW has low resistance against heat.
  • Type EI completely prevents passing heat.

Ceramic blanket usually is used as insulation in fire curtains type EW and EI which is covered throughout the curtain so these curtains usually have multi-layer fabric.


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