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Technical specifications

Technical Specifications

International certificates: FM Approval or Intertek Approval from US, ISO9001

Standards: CAN/ULC S 104 1980 (R1985) – ASTM E2074 (2000) – UBC 7-2(1994) – UBC 7-2(1997) – UL10(c.)(2001) – UL10 (b) (2008) – NFPA 252 (2008)

Core: using mineral filler with perlite board for filling space inside frame that won`t have problem such as falling unlike old fillers such as rock wool.

Leaf: galvanized sheet thickness 1.1mm and furnace color coating resistant to atmospheric conditions.

Frame: galvanized sheet thickness 1.5mm with different widths (fits to wall thickness) furnace color coating and special threshold with stainless steel coating.

Smoke seal: smoke seal combination of intumescent and silicone for cold and hot smoke that react in time of fire and prevent passing smoke with its expansion.

Door closer: slide hydraulic door closer with UL certification

Anti-panic handle: stainless steel with UL certification

Handle special for installations areas: heavy duty handles with UL certification

Hinges: steel bearing hinges which is of requirements of UL standard and hinge`s substructure with plates 3.5mm.

Substructure: reinforcement plates with thickness 1.1 to 2.5mm for resistance of lock and harnesses.

Glass: reinforced glass special for fire resistance door that its dimension will be calculate according to UL standard.

Dimension and color: possibility to choose dimensions without limitation and also various electrostatic colors and wood design.

Installation: special frames to install on different walls depending on wall material and time of execution.



Fire rate Location in building Class
3 hours Opening are in walls separating buildings or dividing a single building into fire areas Class A
90 minutes Openings are enclosure of stairway, vertical corridors, elevator shafts, boiler rooms and installations Class B
45 minutes Openings are inside building for halls and horizontal corridors Class C
90 minutes Openings are in exterior walls which there is specific or unusual pressure on it Class D
45 minutes Openings are in exterior walls which there is no specific or unusual pressure on it (a typical example would be a door leading to an exterior fire escape) Class E


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