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FEAT promotes fire safety and security by providing innovative life solutions all under one roof. FEAT offers a wide range of world-class fire fighting equipment, fire pumps and controllers, fire protection systems, passive fire protection and training.


FEAT promotes safety and security to protect life and property across major industries namely residential and commercial facilities, oil and gas refineries, airports and aviation, health care and education, military and police, hospitality and leisure.

Leading in the development of equipment and technology for protection, is the most important factor of FEAT`s survival.

High-rise buildings

One of the most important goals of fire protection in buildings, especially high-rise buildings, is to protect the lives and safety of the residents. Therefore, equipping these buildings with fire safety facilities and equipment is very important.

FEAT with supplying certified fire equipment attempt in order to safety and protection of high-rise buildings against fire.

Derrick and oil platforms

Safety is a key priority in oil and gas industry at sea because the risk of fire in these areas is high and ensuring security at the highest level in these facilities is critical. The key issue is the use of a fire resistant and protection system which is used to protect areas where there is risk of rapid fire spreading. The correct operation of this system is essential for the safety of people on the platform and the protection of equipment and prevents escalation of accidents.

Power plant

FEAT supply a wide range of diverse products such as Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Detection Systems, fire protection systems and other fire equipment for power plant and refineries which can be designed customized.

We are committed in providing continuous customer satisfaction with high quality products and services.


Mining can be one of the most important ways of development of country so safety and fire protection in mines are components that matter in this direction.

We undertake solutions or Mining Fire Protection and Detection in mining sector which includes Fire Suppression Systems, Fire Detection Systems, fire protection systems and other fire equipment according for customer`s requirement.

FEAT provides design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of its various systems in order to customer`s satisfaction and convenience.

Healthcare and educational centers

Fire can make irreparable damages in health care centers including hospitals so safety against fire is one of the most important factors in maintenance and security of hospitals.

With supplying safety and protection equipment for healthcare and educational centers, we provide a safer place for all people there.

Healthcare and educational centers have their own standards and regulations and we with considering regulatory standards in our productions and services, help to safety of healthcare and educational centers.


Metro is one of the main public transportation in the world and increases the quality of civil life. To maximize its positive impacts, this system needs a secure and safe space for passengers and employees.

We undertake a complete selection of safety solutions and services and our qualified engineering team oversees all phases of the project from planning to execute.

FEAT provides design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of its various systems in order to customer`s satisfaction and convenience.

Our products have credible American and European certifications and conform to the highest national and international standards.


Airports have different potentials and play an important role in economic growth of a country, so creating a secure environment and promoting the safety for staffs and passengers is very important.

Airports have a high vulnerability to fire risk, but these weaknesses can be significantly reduced through a complete selection of airport`s firefighting equipment.

Airport`s fire department needs the best firefighting equipment to deal with emergencies in the quickest possible time.

Residential and commercial constructions

FEAT supply customized fire protection products and services for airports and aviation industry.

FEAT by supplying certified fire equipment attempts in provide safety and protection of all residential and commercial constructions against fire and is able to provide safety solutions for all kind of constructions with comprehension and considering to fire regulations.

By choosing FEAT, you provide safety of your residential and commercial constructions because we consider all related standards in process of design, production and installation and with using the best material and modern technology, we supply high quality products and services to you.

Recreational places

It is a legal requirement to have adequate fire safety protection measures in recreational places to ensure the safety of guests, especially in hotels and tourism facilities.

The primary objective of these recreational places is to offer a stress free and joyful for guests and stakeholders. Emergency interruptions due to hazardous events like fire or natural disasters can significantly impact the reputation and credibility of any recreational- commercial property, if not handled effectively.

With supplying equipment and fire systems suitable for each recreational place  such as hotels, motels, museums, restaurants, sport arenas and etc., we meet their safety needs which it creates an enjoyable and  hassle-free experience for guests in recreational places.

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